Written by: Walani Ndhlovu

My grandfather 
You have killed all panthers
And I can’t see any panda
Is it because of thunder?
Sometimes I wonder
But in fact it’s because of hunters

You built your home indeed
But you knowledge is like a homicide
Your absence of teeth makes you not to talk
But tell me why you stalk
Now your deeds without fears
Have lead to my tears

You found a nice vegetation
But you caused deforestation
You did too much destruction
But not construction
Your deeds without fears 
Have lead to my tears

You knew that you bear
But you didn’t care
Oh! That’s not fair
You must be aware
Your deeds without fears 
Have lead to my tears

Now people are still cutting down trees
And they don’t want to cease
I can even cry when I gaze
Where am I going to graze
Ah! I’m on ablaze
A really big blaze

I can’t see your love
Because you have made me to starve
You’ve finished all environmental stuff
Yet nothing I have
Your deeds without fears have lead to my tears

You are now telling me to plant
But I can’t 
Of course I can beautify
But I can’t purify
Your deeds without fear 
Have lead to my tears

I always think about the next stayers
Who will be there 
Are they going to see even a hare
Of course they can fare
Provided they dare
And it’s always in my prayer

Now the living ones 
Let’s stand again
So that we can gain
Let’s replace what we obtain
If we cut one tree
We should plant more than three

Let’s farm planet earth
We should make it wealth
To make our lives health
Let’s make it green
For the shade of grandpa and granny
Because it’s really sunny.