A Cure To My Inner Thoughts

Written by: Therese Bacha

                                "A Cure To My Inner Thoughts."

Today I need a little help from
my brain as I was at war with myself.
I need to do something maybe teach my 
act of kindness to weave from my evil thoughts 
awake my dormant reality to bring me closer 
in harmony with my actual life.
Pained by my actions of yesterday 
When I felt half alive, as I turned
Seventy two of age and lost the 
feeling of belonging, I felt robbed 
of my youth left alone naked 
sitting on a bench
with my ego.
Suffering could be felt in my depth 
When I realized we cannot always
Have answers to our question marks. 
Why? I asked myself.
Why did I lack the power of intentions 
To attract into my life my man even at 
that age? Questions still are entangled 
With the "NO" answers? why I asked 
Am I not in a state of love? why do I 
want to leave him and go away
After forty years of absolute love? 
I will find the truth I promised myself.
Here is why today I aged 
memories are fading away 
fear of death accompanies 
Me wherever I go each nights 
sleep does not come to me easily 
the belief is getting to close to an end. 
That is why?
I shouldn't let go I need to save myself 
I have to find some answers instead of 
waiting for the eruption of my soul to blow 
i need to ignore the red lava of death and 
run towards The tunnel of light to rest my
delusional thoughts of the Moment.
Suddenly, my soul felt that peace when 
a hand cured my sufferings pounded 
by a powerful vibration that woke me 
up capable of starting a new life 
leaving everything else behind me.
A beginning to exercise my mind to change 
The whole concept of my brain open a 
channel between my body and mind.
I felt good growing older as I know that 
I will always remain in love with my man
I will give him back the keys to my life 
And together walk pass that door with 
Hope surrounding our shadows 
The continuation of a beginning.
If love was a choice? 
Why would I choose to be in pain? 
Why can`t I see through his eyes 
The fear of loosing me? 
Why can`t I listen to the background 
Music and ache for another 
Tomorrow with him?.
I wanted so much the impossible 
To happen i wanted to make things 
better before the sun rises and 
surrenders to the night. 
At the end of this day I cannot 
imagine our home without him.
I would hate to miss our early rising 
When we flew towards the beach
Have breakfast while listening 
to the rumbling of the ocean.

Our coming back hand in hand 
crossing the bridge and watch the 
falling leaves rest quietly where 
they belong decorating our 
pavement for us to leave our foot 
traces behind for another day.
It was my last chance not to loose him. 
I will Prevent Him from walking away 
As He is My Rock.
                                       Therese Bacha