Tell Of The Heart

Written by: Kable Hendrix

I knew you would be come every year old one.
My mere dreams could merely subdue the pain.
But the real pain lies, it lies to both you and I but mostly upon you.
The truth is a funny thing sometimes it can never be found by those who wish to find it, such ones like myself.
Who knows what time will bring our way?
Who knows of such a time?
Life is so short  but everyone at one time wishes it were shorter.

My life

Your life

Hangs in one life

Our life

If this day should come to pass as our last please do remember me.
Forget me not for I am unforgettable but forgivable I be. 
Love is such a strong word but many don't know what it means, but many think they do.
Is love what we share?
I ask you for myself I am unaware. 
The words which I write are fading so until next time it is good-bye I am saying~