The Painful Truth

Written by: nicole marrier

I close my eyes to imagine your face
but pain invades and the image is erased

tears gather at the corner of my eyes
as i sit and remember all of your lies

I try to reach out to see if your there
but the feeling is cold and your presence is bare

reality stings as i tremble alone
searching for answers im left only to roam

puzzled and confused and in terrible disbeleif
how your goodbye was so sudden and unexpectantly brief

I struggle with knowing with what i should do
how to cope with the loss of someone I knew

but after what you did I know it was wrong
still you were the one to leave and be gone

I had hope that forgiveness would be more than enough
but as i was trying you chose to give up

now im left with emotions of many different shades
and the connection is gone as your memory fades