The Ransom

Written by: Cynthia BuhainBaello

Yes,  He will come again in glory
The promise given by His Word, 
The King of kings in victory!
Lamb of God and Lord of lords!

With a shout the nations will see
The Lion of Judah comes to reign
As all the wicked in fear will flee
Judgment  will weigh all men by then.

Prepare the way, now  make the choice
Your soul should be ready to trust
Don't harden your heart when you hear His voice
Accept Him as Savior,  that you must.

None of us righteous,  all sinful at birth
Because of this,  on the Cross He died
The Ransom was Jesus, of perfect worth
He took our place and was crucified.

His love is the Way to eternal peace
That which the world can never give -
You wanderings,  sorrow, they will cease
If you give Him your life and just believe!