Go Granny Go

Written by: Carol Eastman

Granny’s been a worrying the neighbors, as she drives without delay.
She takes off, in her golf cart, driving one handed, waving all, good day.
Pealing out of the driveway on two wheels begins her trips, come what may.
It would truly be a great thing, if she’d at least try to look, either way!

But this is dear sweet, set in her ways, old granny; she knows she’ll be OK!
As she travels with her petal to the middle, you know to, not get in her way.
Her eyesight’s getting a smidgen dimmer; it’s been fading steadily with time.
Everyone knows to stop, as she cruises right on past, and thru the first stop sign.

By the time she hits the second block, her speed is going past thirty-nine.
That wouldn’t be so bad, if it wasn’t boldly posted, at a stately twenty-five.
She tops out rather quickly, at a little over her usually crazy forty-three.
The repair shop once, secretly put on a governor, so she’d live ninety-three, to be.

Granny loves to tinker, and is a mechanically inclined, determined, old broad.
She’s found a way to change it, to get a bit more horsepower, for her marauds.
The other day the police got right behind her, with siren, lights and all the bling.
She didn’t blink at all, since she really couldn’t see or hear a single blessed thing.

Or at least that’s the story, she gave them, when she finally got to the store.
But she had just passed, to get her new drivers license, only the week before.
Once, they impounded her cart, but to no avail, as she’d bought another by nightfall.
The next one was even quicker, after her touch of granny’s new quick over haul.

They rightly guessed, she was a telling them, she would do it more next time.
And they took away her license, but she still drove it, though it was a crime.
Her son must have been someone important, as she was finally given a daily escort.
We all laughed, as we suspicion, that was what she really wanted, from the very start.