THE TALE OF A 21st century HERO

Written by: Victoria Anderson-Throop

THE TALE OF A 21st century HERO

Daunting heroes,
As a boy
Were the dreams
He had enjoyed
Vowed that one day he would be
Bursting with integrity
Help the needy and the poor
Answer when they needed more
So he studied half his life
Joined the air force-- found a wife
Served his country , did it proud
Kept each promise that he’d vowed 

But he gradually felt the change
Seemed like life had rearranged
Now true heroes were ignored
 often pundits
Laughed and roared
Made the good men seem like fools
For regarding written rules

And the children lost respect
All adults were now suspect
Life was now a back of tricks
Or a game of pick up sticks

Then one day as he walked home
Heard a siren blare and drone
Saw the smoke and tiny face
Ran into the crumbling place
While a fire roared and blazed
He broke in, and came out dazed
------With the child safe in his arms
               Life suddenly recovered charm