My Ego

Written by: Therese Bacha

                                        My Ego.

One of those days when everybody was outside my ego heard 
the music crying for help by playing the same tune over and over
those tunes were trying to send a message towards the loud 
voices saying live today as life is worth fighting for no matter what
do not give up.
My ego felt the message and lit that light inside my darkness it felt 
confident and disregarded that heavy fog from outside which was 
trying to close up and suffocate me.
That same moment I who had lived in the dark was ready to accept
That life is not a game, life exists and it should not burn away
My nights.
Teary eyes from happiness were ready to look for a new life, a life 
that will offer hope to my youth and live my coming years as a new 
day watch the rising sun while feeling alive urge my ego to keep me
in that same place to die out of love in my lovers arms. 
Forget the whole world with there own problems there horrors, 
and set myself free to feed my greed with whatever it takes
As a necessity to remain in control as I am not a looser.
Now I felt my soul living inside of me a happy soul aware that
Fear is far away aware that living today is a blessing aware
To want to listen to see awake my profound passion that was 
hidden in me take a decision of running towards a new beginning.

A path that knows no darkness a path where i can run so fast 
that no obstacles can exist nor an accident can occur keep running
towards the beyond which always existed except my ego was blind 
Afraid sad and deaf at the time.
I have always believed in the power of forgiveness never hate anybody 
Not even my enemies that kindness in my heart will want to learn to
progress and lead my soul to believe I am who i am.
I must feel special as i have something special my roses always blossom 
In my yard since my ego gave me back my life that was when i decided
never to let go suddenly i felt years younger and remembered not to
Forget to smile that smile which I inherited from my ancestors.

 Therese Bacha