Written by: SIMON M MATLOU


You dumped me into the lowest pit,
In its abyss and darkest depth,
You kept me permanently disjoined
From my closest friends and family,
My eyes are dim with grief!
From where I am laid now,
My parents will see me no more!

Look here, on my neck your daggers ran through,
What a grievous rent your envious friends made on stomach,
How my blood oozed and sprout like a sprinkler,
Rushed and followed the path out,
Mercilessly and heartlessly, you butchered me lifeless,
Bisected me for your evil ends,—oh, what a gruesome act!
Grievously I escaped my own body untimely,
Even though I prayed, cried loud and begged for my life.

Heavens did not know I was coming,
And on earth I knew no peace,
And shut down the door on my face.
Where I am laid now, I feel the blazing heat,
For I am a soul with no landing, lost, confused,
And wandering in wonder in search for my lost body,
My life, my destination, my resting place, my real dignified grave!

I long to rest with my ancestors in heaven,
For I am somebody else’s son too!
I longed for longevity on earth like you,
Tell my parents how you violently took the life out of me,
Show them the darkest pit you forced me in,
I long for proper and dignified funeral,
So that I can be re united with my father in heavenly peace!