A goodbye to a friend

Written by: cory long

Even though your vessel has been taking away. Does not mean your memories will fade. Your smile, your laugh and your advice The way it felt when you would hold tight. Please don’t shed a tear for me. I am no longer suffering. I am still your rock, I am still your strength I will always be holding your hand. On special occasions in this life that arise I will never leave your side. My love for you will be different this I know But now my love grows in your souls. When Ever you are lonely don’t sit and cry Look to the stars in the darkened sky. I will be the brightest one shinning above. I am now your angel watching out. I will guide your journeys and will be the first to answer your prayers. I will protect you from this worlds misconceptions and lies I will push you down when you get over zealous at times. Even though my role in your lives has changed my love for you still grows with every passing day. We will see each other again someday And when that day arrives I’ll be waiting on the other side.
RIP my friend