in common

Written by: Dilupa Wijegunasekara

Before you walk away..
tell me you held no feelings..
in your heart for me..
tell me u never wanted..
to be loved by me..
even if i search the word...and in the mid of angels..
even if i search the history and in Story books..
i will never would have found someone like you..
someone who shared the same thoughts.
same interest in life as common as gold..
i know you are not mine  but you are taken by one..
who loves you and crazy over you..
i am feeling guilty for walking in to your life..
at the wrong time when u are suffering..
i should have never fallen in love..
with a complicated heart like yours..
i dont wanna get hurt upset and sad..
for letting you go away from my life..
knowing that this dream will never come  true..
i cant wait any longer.. i cant hold no more..
i know u are leaving from me so slow..
i dont wish for a tomorrow with you..
i dont ask for a life time with you..
all i want you to be honest word from you..
please tell me that you never had feelings for me..
so i too can let u go and i will move on..!!