Written by: Richard Lamoureux

I went out to find You
I started at a school
I thought I would see You
Holding the Golden Rule

I walked down the hallways
Checked every single door
listened for sounds of praise
But you weren't there any more

I went to the Court house
Surely they want You there
Helping a battered spouse
But no one seemed to care

It seemes You're not welcome
No more justice any more
The old ways now are dum
They pushed You out the door

I went to check the mall
Because it's the season
You weren't blessing us all
It's Santa for some reason

Maybe You are waiting
Patiently at my home
My spirit starts singing
Surely there You must roam

Upon my arrival
I'm expecting You there
I pick up my Bible
To prove to You I care

At once I start to choke
I can't stop my cough
The dust is like smoke
There's so much to wipe off

I'm part of the problem
I should take time to pray
If I want Your freedom
I shouldn't throw You away