Forbidden Fancy

Written by: M.P. Faries

I have always, always loved you…
Even to this day, for you, the roses in my garden still bloom.
All I ever done was sustain their beauty, year by year.

So long it has been, since you were last here.
I remember the moment when we first met, old friend.
My inner desires were repressed by those youngun years of innocence.

It was in this very garden then, that you caressed me in your arms.
Handsome you were, bollocks, you are still so handsome.
Hell, I may have also hated you as well.

Always gracefully prancing about in my garden.
Watering every flower with that pale blue pail of yours.
I could swear, you were as happy as a frog in a forest.

Yet your smiling face has often made me wonder, 
Have you ever had any burdens?
Envious of your luxuries, I held contempt for thee.