Job offer

Written by: Ndaba Sibanda

They say you applied
Did you apply or they applied
For you?  Now they have supplied.

But have conveniently forgotten
To supply you with the vital kitten
That should take you to their kitchen.

You are mired in grave job frustration
You can`t bother of their company registration
You see nothing but your future jubilation.

Think deeper. Is there something dodgy or straight?
If it`s straight where is their contact info or website?
For all what they are worth, they could be fake
Wait a minute. Your little money they seek to take.

Look for signs of legitimacy. You are wondering?
They want you to be their money laundering….
What? –Mule! Let them do their ‘philandering’.

They mess around on their poor scam spam road
Com`on someone, give me something? A big rod!
Let`s smash them into pulp till they yell, Lord!