What is it

Written by: nichole anderson

IT always seems to happen the same way. "I love you." and then IT happens. The moment when you realize you're stuck because of IT. Not how your heart would break if the relationship were to crumble but how the IT comes into effect. Don't you see, this twisted fact happens and nothing can stop IT. IT eats away at all that you are from the moment IT happens, IT consumes you and all of your thoughts about people. IT becomes a need. IT'S tempting, IT'S warm but could become cold, IT'S new but when IT'S over used IT is surely to grow old. You think it will strengthen all that you have but from the moment IT happens, everything goes bad. IT was a quick solution and now I understand how much IT has happened, IT has become a sure demand. It starts so innocently and turns into hell, and if you're not ready for it you would never tell, because too late you will notice IT'S not what you wanted, too late you will see IT will be all but forgotten. Now think about IT, dream about IT. I warn you, IT consumes your every need, IT turns all relationships into greed. IT becomes from about us to each of us has a me. Me and IT, not me and you. IT becomes me and IT in another relationship. IT doesn't stay gone too long before IT'S back again, night nor day can stop IT though they try. From the moment IT enters a relationship the relationship is sure to die. Only a few are ready though so many try, too soon, to slow, to fast, too sly. No matter how IT happens I always ask IT why. From the moment you put that thought in your heart your relationship is doomed because of IT'S start.