False Charms Begone

Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane

You made an attempt to bamboozle me with well thought out charms
But I still struggle internally from the last charmer I once held in my arms
My inner soul continues to burn and the flame tortures me still
From the last abomination who tried to bend me of my free will.

If you push me into a relationship when I'm not ready to bloom
You will hear the wrath of my scorn as I run screaming from the room
Instead cherish me and let me follow you one baby step at a time
Only then will I relax enough to give our bond a chance to become sublime.

Show me your tender side for that will win me over more than know
I just may develop a taste for you that will set your face aglow
Before long I may be the one yearning to spend more time with you
Then behold the affection and passion that will most definitely ensue.

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