Ela Yisrael

Written by: Diogenes Zuniga

Despise by many,
and hated by the world!!
Rejected by Beelzebub – yet chosen by the Lord..
To be His bribe, and only HIS.

Jealousy comes about when She is looked with evil eyes,
provoking a furnace and kindling a fire!
Burning eyes with fury,
God’s holiness makes wicked eyes blurry.

Blessed be the one that blesses her -
and stepping stones for the one who curses her.
Going against her is like touching the apple of His eye,
and the taste of it will not be sweet, 
but instead it will give you a sour heart.

How can the creation go against the creator?

It is not wise to taunt a Lion; especially the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!!
Lord of Lords and King of Kings is His name.

God bless you Yisrael, and may the Lord protect you,
 and keep you under His wings.