Heartfelt Love

Written by: Stenila Simon

Not anyone loves me quite much like my Lord
He loves me much more than I think it myself
He watches me over for night and for day
And makes it so known that I’m not by myself.

When times I do sit and do sigh very deep,
And feel as though solitude crushes on me,
I do feel His touch so tender and calm,
Embracing me though would a father His son. 

My sorrows doth flee in a moment at that
And find I, myself in a state of such peace
A peace that not crying nor sighing nor worry
Nor talking to loved ones can bring in such ease.

For this and for more I do state with no fear
With feelings so true from the depths of my heart,
That no one on earth can come even as near
To the love that my Lord does give me from heart.