Distinction Righteously be Picturesque

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

We poured into a large bowl called Earth
Where all the pomposity of the nation rests in the outlets of self narcissistic
The rigors of high nationalism born from a pride in the name of race and nation
Not infrequently conduct the leadership headed  to the wrong way ...

We with the miscellaneous of stereotypes 
Become the benchmark of a certain behavior
Make our own brand as if it had been patented by our nature
A birth which supposed to destroy all the barriers and unify

A synergy that should be purified
Adorn every corner by dismissed our own selfish
Turn your self but turned no mess
Achieve the spectrum, create the rainbow

The differences will not brings us in any despicable
Nor make us even better than others
Due to our differences we complement each other
Due to the differences we understand each other

Don't make any excuses for the differences
Don't depart your self into a paradigm which merely been relative
Make the differences become a decent things to be heard
And beautiful as it seen though it's hard

Author's Note:
Represent my concerns over the war of Palestine and Israel which finally reached their agreement to finish the war.