Written by: kasim ishmael

All girls are pretty
We all will agree
And each one is unique 
With their own Personality

Some girls are like honey 
And some like butterscotch
Some can melt your heart
With just one touch

Some girls are big
And some are small
Some are like angels
And from the stars they fall

Some girl’s mouth is small 
  Then they nag and make it bigger   
Some girls pretend to love you
And some are just a gold digger
Some girls will inspired you
And some will bring you down
Some girls will be faithful
And some will run around

Some girls are beautiful
But has no feelings
And once you get to know them
They’re no longer appealing

But no matter how girls are
They are always so mysterious 
And they make us so nervous
But still so very cautious 

And we must respect them
Because they’re like a flower
Although some are very sweet
Some can be very sour

Some girls got power
And can cast a magic spell
And you will believe 
Every white lie that they tell

Some girls drink brandy
And some girls drink beer 
Some girls’ gets boy cut
And some like long hair

Some are very affectionate
So easy to get hurt
Some fly airplanes
And some sails on a boat

But what ever they do
It’s our job to protect them
Because all girls are flowers
Like arose on a stem