The Preacher

Written by: DrJim Martin

He stands in the pulpit week after week,
With a message that he must, with clarity, speak.
Though often a message that’s not readily heard,
Yet, it should be instruction from God’s Holy Word.

His message given, at times with trepidation,
Falls on deaf ears throughout the nation.
He wonders within himself why this must be,
Are they to be regarded as smarter than he?

To reflect on much study and hours of prayer,
Delivered with skills he best could prepare.
Surely some will receive his timely admonition
And see the Word come to fruition.

Though he may not be made quickly aware,
There are some who genuinely care.
They will heed his warnings and advice
And will appropriate that which is without price.

Week after week he continues to persevere,
Laboring intensely and often with great fear.
Guarding his flock as best he can,
Faithfully submitting to the Master’s plan.