My African woman, you earthly diamond that glitters before my eyes
My African angel, you heavenly star that shines in my smoky feelings
My African queen, you precious gem that settles in my webby heart
My African goddess, you succulent pebble of love
My African miracle, you smoke in my feelings

You are a star, a blue star with sparkle
You are so bright, so bright that sun’s rays belong to you,
You are a gemstone, so precious that you command the pearls,
Aren’t my eyes just stunned? Turning green like a true peacock,
Aren’t you the one, who smokes in my feelings?

I feel glued to your succulent curves, I feel like holding and gluing them in my hands,
But you shine, your sunny rays distort my feeble magic flutter
You the flower of life, your scent is fragrance to romance
You unroll your sweetness before my very eyes, the illusions rub my disillusion
Just before I wake, you smoke in my feelings

My African Woman, the gracious river of my soul
I want to hear you speak, your whispers are musical to my heart
Your breeze pushes my chill away, your warmth boils my cold blood
Nothing really compares to your impeccable beauty, but i know now you know,
That you are the smoke that smokes my feelings

Yours African,
Mzee Emmanuel Mwau.