My World

Written by: tomiwa ajiboye

                        My world
The sky darker than red
Pouring out tears of blood
Everywhere- flames and mud
Even the air is filled with discord
Welcome to my world

Robbers pretending as merciful lords
Stealing the people’s collective fund
Hmm- Moses without a rod
Leading the people to the land of discord
Welcome to my world 

Thieves in disguise as shepherds
With fangs as sharp as the leopards
Innocent blood used to fertilize their orchards
Welcome to my world	

Dark lords pretending as the light
With no single deed in sight
They kill with utmost delight
While increasing the people’s plight

Snakes in disguise as a fish
Ready to bite at wish
The people’s flesh they are ready to ravish 
And hell unwilling to unleash

My world blessed with riches foretold
Vast in precious stones purer than gold
A view so beautiful, surely a sight to behold
How disaster struck, is story never to be retold

Make me the commander of the death squad
Make me the bearer of the cavalry sword
Make me the knife that draws blood
Severing all corruption’s chord
Because it’s only then, I can have a perfect world!!!

                                                                                                                                                                  Thormzy 2012