silent night-so silent after all

Written by: Stefanus Nuno Pereira

Christmas lights on every window i walk past!
wipe a tear off my eye as the cold breeze blows me dust!
walking with no destination in this silent night!
a couple walk by,hand in hand,while i listen to save tonight!
'lord i wish it wasn't so...
'so far from my family,my gal n my bro!
i stare at the ocean in motion!
waves hit the rocks composing a melody for me saying:'it shall pass...pass!
this loneliness wont last...last' 
so i smile a little!
wish my heart was brittle,
so i could shatter it to pieces and break down into tears!
cos its been many years since i last cried!
i hope my eyes blear so when i open em,she'l be ere by my side!
S. Nuno Pereira