Written by: Ingibo Benson

At eight, Mary started hawking
Supplies, at Creek road market

Little Mary!

Up and down
In the hazardous market

''Buy your ice water'' 
Every now and then
She would cry

Many a kids
Also hawked wares
Hence, their continual cries
'' Buy kerosene''
'' Buy your ice water''
'' Buy your ice cream''

A customer's beckon
Always triggered chaos
The struggle to sell their wares
Some kids crossed without

Upon one hawking day
A reckless driver hit Mary
Slowly, she lost her breath
And went down in a thud
The driver escaped like a mad dog
A folk of traders like an ant colony
Gathered about the child
Shaking heads with folded arms
Soon they dispersed
With a tale to tell
How Mary, the hawking child
Died with the night
But shall arise with the sun no more