Gifted by Mercy

Written by: Vicky Tsiluma

Call the doctor! The pain that had imbued itself in my heart,
rises up to greet the day when I see you and her holding hands.

Never again! That’s what you said.
And my foolish heart greedily breathed in your lies.
They say, it’s better to love and loose than to love not - 
clearly they haven’t pinched the depth of my hurt.

My feet swim to the park as my mind knits the extent of your betrayal.
Laughter invades my space as I’m statued on the bench: kids, parents, lovers.

And I ... I have NO ONE… My tears sting defiantly…
My eyes clap together, threatening to unleash the callous dam.

There she runs this three foot girl and hands over a laughing flower.
My head staggers towards her, my hand quivers as I feel
the blood indent in my veins within the stretch.
My muscles start a jerky dance as my fingers open to perceive the gift.
A gift of mercy… it dawns on me and thoroughly wrings my heart.

My nose tastes the honest smell…wobbly I hug it gently in my palm…
…My throat stretches…my lips strut – I can only manage
a meager thanks for one who has refurbished my faith in humanity.