For Who You are to ME

Written by: Eileen Manassian

Lord, how often we thank you
For health
For wealth
For friends
For family
For security

But Lord, how often do we thank you
For who You are?

For your beauty
For your wisdom
For your justice
For your compassion
For your mercy
For your majesty
For your faithfulness
For your power
For your love

Oh, Lord, my God
The beauty of your love
That knows no conditions
That knows no bounds
That knows no reason
That knows no favoritism
That loves till it hurts
That gives and gives
And then gives again
To the very point of death.

Lord, I DO want to thank you
For all you’ve done for me
For setting me free
For loving me
For my family
For my sure destiny
But most of all, Oh Lord
Most of all……

I want to thank you ……………