Written by: Keith Bickerstaffe

Dark is the soul of a man who was crazy 
to let a pure love pass on by, 
his fear of commitment, his immature ways 
brought regret, and a tear to his eye. 

She was the perfect one, destined to flavour 
his days with a grace rarely seen, 
they were as soul mates with nothing but sunshine 
to savour, and dreams to convene. 

A lifetime of fantasies, nothing was real 
for this man disinclined to know love, 
he postured and played, he pretended, he posed, 
he was scared of this gift from above. 

The lesson he thought he had mastered so well 
came to nothing, it went up in smoke, 
he courted her, loved it when he made her laugh, 
yet this man was the butt of the joke. 

Now he's lonely again and he thinks he'll be fine, 
but he's stuck with the same old despair, 
will he ever be worthy of this woman's love, 
will he find the prescription to care? 

He still remembers her beautiful voice 
and the way she made light of his woes, 
he hopes she'll forgive him, tell him he's a fool, 
another chance? only she knows.