muddy track or golden road

Written by: Seren Roberts

Where will I go, what will I be told to do?

Will it be the road paved with gold for me and you?

What can I expect, what will I find on the road ahead?

I may find the road turns into a muddy track instead.


Why am I pushed towards the muddy track?

Is there some work for me to do, Will I continue holding back?

Will it be amongst the homeless people, and the poor ones who

Always thinking and wondering, will their wish come true?


An Empty Manor House, cold and damp with no heart

Who would own this house, to find out where do we start?

Permission we received to rent it, and now the work begins

With Gods touch and hard work the homeless now live in.


Not such a muddy track, once elbow grease was applied

By working together, God and man, the homeless will survive