lost at sea

Written by: nicole marrier

I woke up and took a good look in the mirror today,
I didn't recognize who i was but who i saw had this to say,
dreams are floating around like a lost boat at sea,
trying to look past the waves to see where land be,
should i travel East or maybe South?
should i speak up or shut my mouth?
should i try to catch a ride on another boat?
or push through on my own row, row, row,
But then i noticed that I have been sinking slowly,
my other crewman jumped overboard and the parrot never told me,
the sharks are swimming around and I am the bait,
and right now I have no choice but to sit and wait,
just a few moments, don't want to attract their attention,
and I wish i had an anti-diuretic for water retention,
because i'm dehydrating slowly, the sun taking all my energy,
i need some hope to see what i got ahead of me,
please somebody help im here lost at sea.