Written by: nicole marrier

Your feet get heavy but still you walk,
to get through your days you count seconds on the clock, 
wondering where time has gone and what reality is,
sometimes you feel like giving up saying forget this,
taking a look around you see so many different people,
to your left is a homeless man praying on the steeple,
to your right is one that is greedy and to the homeless man passes by,
in the corner is a woman with tears in her eyes,
crying from a broken heart and now a single mother, 
down the street are two men fighting with one another,
hate is holding each and every one of their hands,
now take a look in the mirror and tell me where you stand,
your tired of routine same old story everyday,
you wonder when time will come when you start to feel okay,
the clouds pass overhead and the wind passes by your ears,
but yet you feel disconnected like your not really here,
in a different reality but your body still in this one,
you try to shake it off but a victory is never won,
so how come those who feel so torn apart,
are the ones stuck in this cycle and from it they never part?
they are the ones with a true heart, 
but still they keep waiting on their day for justice to finally start