A Long Life Road

Written by: Larisa Rzhepishevska

Our life is a real drama

In such a colorful gamma.

Our life is just a moment,

Sometimes with a torment.

Just have enough patience

To keep good relations,

To love truly and forgive.

You won’t believe 

But today I cried away.

Someone thought it was a shame,

Someone comforted, didn’t blame,

Someone said: life goes on,

Someone dies and some are born.

You only need desperately to repent,

With your heart to be in consent.

Make it a blessed event!

But it was not a simple lament.

Yes, the tears I couldn’t prevent.

The most intimate understood

Whom today we buried,

Whom today we have lost

And what is the life’s cost.

A month ago she was ninety five

But her eyes were always alive.

She was intellectual and clever,

No one could ever say she was old.

So many people her heart could hold.

Yes, she was only ninety five,

But even those who were twenty five

Came to her for advice.

Just to chat with her was so nice.

We did not dare to say “a crone”,

No one heard her moan.

We say: she had a long life road.

But is it enough to solve its code?

The war, the loss of her son…

Years and years were far from fun.

Thank God a daughter was bestowed.

Since then her life has mellowed.

But then a new grief – widowed.

At the funeral many words were said

Because she was truly loved

And in our souls she will never be dead.

It hurts to lose a true friend.

We’ll miss you dear on this land.

So, live in our memories and in the heavens,

Always young in the mind and in appearance!


Larisa Rzhepishevska