Written by: Joshua Torres

Wanting to speak, but having nothing to say. 
Wanting to stand for something, but finding nothing to fight for.
Was anything accomplished when I lay my head down for the day?
Or did it open and close like a stain glass door. 

Is life about dreams and the journey of trapping them?
Or is life a labyrinth filled with paths of false hope?
We hold on to our dreams and aspirations like a thief to a gem,
But it seems to slip out of our grasps like a wet bar of soap. 

We search tirelessly for a meaning of our lives, coming closer ever moment, at least we assume. 
Is there really a meaning to life as complex as we believe it to be?
Like a flower shooting up from a seed till it grows tall and blooms. 
Or is it too simple for anyone to really see? 

But my energy is depleted more than I can bear. 
I fight for meaning, a conviction, a reason. 
So I shout out my questions and thoughts through the air. 
But all I hear in my lonesome lair is my own echo, my voice commits treason.

Waiting for the answer to come and cleansing me and heal my wounds.
I will keep reaching, searching for my salvation from this pit of despair. 
I will walk through this water-less desert filled with the steepest of dunes. 
For I know at the end of this journey of life and constant search for meaning, all will be shown and all made fair.