Say Something

Written by: Whitney Zahara

There's a mouth wide open,
coming out? Those words unspoken;
There's something that needs to be said,
nothing that should be read.
Trying my best with you to talk,
but it seems that all I can do is walk;
I feel like I have something to say,
but it's already now a new day.
The wind blows through my hair,
realizing I'm zoned out in stare;
I'm thinking of what to say to you,
if there is something to say or do.
The words that I need to say are true,
but I don't want my words to bother you;
I'm not trying to be such a pain,
or tempt to make you go insane.
I'm being real by what's in my heart,
and hoping that what I say doesn't tear us apart;
I just really had something to say,
something that shouldn't be waited on another day