In Love Before

Written by: Whitney Zahara

I've never been in love before,
no matter the things I've even said;
But my past makes me a better person,
no matter how many tears were shed.
I've never been in love before,
and the feeling tends to hurt like hell;
But relationships has its complications,
no matter how much you fight and yell.
Being in love makes you do crazy things,
and it makes you not want to give up;
Even if you feel like it's at its end,
you'll go through it strong enough.
I've never been in love before,
my past "love(s)" was never real;
But I want to continue what's there,
and for the fights? I can deal.
This is something I can't give up on,
something I want to turn into a future - no past;
Please, don't leave me,
Because I know we can make it last.