Minstrel's lullabye


As the river rocks an baptismal lullabye,
Oscillating with the debris vertiginous on by.
Minstrel waters crescendo to the labored ear,
Wallowing cantor echoing, no one to hear.

Surrender to the claustrophobic embrace,
Leeching trepidation from a raisin-pruned face.
Fatigue over takes, redemption's chance low,
Anticipated sustenance for predators far below.

Rest weary bones; softly lay your head,
Beneath temperate cover of the river bed.
Forget the determination that demands you fight,
Glide down the tunnel towards the radiant light.

Giving in so much easier than the urges to live,
If only God could find it in his heart to forgive.
Like a savior, angelic arms elevate a drowning soul,
Liberated from ravenous silt beds below.

Breathing life into a cyanosis breath,
Rescued from the looming brink of death.
Prying open water-logged eyes,
Witnessing the horrors as murky waters rise.

No one exempt from the rapaciousness of sorrow,
thank your lucky stars for you there is a tomorrow.
Rocking so woefully an aquatic lullabye,
Rushing precious memories floating by.