The ultimate price

Written by: SIMON M MATLOU


Duf, duf, duf., echoed drums and trumpet sound,
And military farewell salute highly visible too,
As the body was lowered into the ground,
The final destination for the son in dignified blue!

In the darkness of the quiet, cold and rainy night,
Paramedics and nurses battled in vain to fight,
Working very hard to bring him to life,
Before his weeping children and wife.

On that fateful day, shots rang out,
As the fugitive turned about,
Hitting him in close range on his face,
From the lurking danger, he met face to face!

With his unconquerable drive to win the fight,
Against crime an oath, he did not take light,
As a selfless individual, he made the highest sacrifice
To serve but dearly, he paid the ultimate price!

He should be remembered for always triumphing at the end,
Though many trials and tribulations leading his component,
While exercising leadership, he was more gentle and more diligent,
And was prepared to take orders from superiors until his untimely end!