A Nomads Life

Written by: laura street

Maybe the life of a nomad is for me
To always let my spirit be free
Accept homelessness as the steady state of things
As each new adventure in my life begins
Change the swirling river I need to sail
As in each direction I again do fail
Living from my car day to day 
As with different friends I do stay
Being a nomad in a so very, modern way   
Hardly conventional is all I can say
Sam my dear little, silver battered car
Been the most stable thing in my life thus far
Forgotten by many but perhaps a few
What's wrong with me, I haven't a clue
Can it be I'm always so wrong
Maybe tis tru I just don't belong

To find my place ill keep on trying
E'en though I stumble continuously crying
But I know to truly overcome to succeed
Tis my soul I must nourish and feed
Resilience must become my middle name
As I play life's vicious mind locked game
Though from others I'm so far apart
My roots belong deep in my heart
Homelessness just a current state of mind
As I search in vain for my own kind
I've so many mysteries of life to unwind
My destiny to to go out and find
Maybe the nomads life is for me
A rolling stone forever to be
For now ill keep moving and wait to see.