In the dream my nightmare strikes,
With human faces like zombies,
Hairy and teeth like vampires,  
Deep in the jungle beneath the caves.
I tried to run but my feet were stuck,
Something holding them down,
The scream wouldn’t come out,	
And fear took the best of me.

In the midst of my fears came strength,
My mind told my heart to be strong,
It is then I had the strength,
To pull my feet off the sticky grounds.
They followed me deep into the dark,
With their eyes shining in glitter,
Like torches shinning bright,
Their thunderous roar filling the caves.

I felt a heavy pounding of big steps,
Like giants moving the earth.
My heart practically jumping out,
As the zombies zeal remained unmatched,
To feed on my blood and take my soul.
I fell down and rose up on my feet,
Wishing the earth sallow me,
Because I felt the end has come.

At the end of the cave I saw the light,
Run towards it with a failing smile,
The zombie pursued with a deep roar,
They quickened their pace in pursuit.
I got at the end of the tunnel to the light,
I tripped and fell down in pain.
I broke my tendon and tried to crawl.
And there they were holding sickles

They lifted their sickles holding up,
Ready to take my last breath away,
I held tight to a fallen tree branch.
I screamed and woke up in the scream,
There I was holding tight to my bed,
The dream was gone and I was safe
But I was terrified and breathing heavily.
So I kneeled down and said a prayer.

21/11/2012 -