Written by: Chyleen Lopez

I saw you with 
her the other day,
Can't deny that
it made me feel 
some type of way.

Haven't seen you in so long
Would've thought these feelings 
Were long gone. 

It's sad to say
That my love for you,
Will probably always stay. 

I miss us hand in hand,
Lip to Lip, hug in hug, 
every morning filled with love. 
Now I can't help think that you 
Are doing it with her.

You saw me with 
him the other day,
You looked at 
me in some way.

Haven't spoken to 
each other in so long, 
Now I'm tryin to keep strong,
Because looking at you makes 
me want to break down. 

But I'm happy to see,
That you have officially 
Moved on from me. 

We both moved forward
And if we look back,
Would we go back?