Deeper Into Addiction: From Where I Stand, I See

Written by: Derek Chos

She may not know what's wrong with me
But my lover holds me up
And in her embrace, I aim my tunneled sight forward
And from where I stand, I see...

You were her closest friend
I too thought of you as one
Headstrong, never taking no for an answer
Yet from where I slump, I see...

You fell in love with an abusive man
Became addicted to the attention
Hid every bruise he left on your skin
But from where I sit, I see...

And everyone else did too
And you got off on the attention rained upon you
Constantly quitting and starting up again
And from where I sleep, I see...

You cheated on your lovers to return to him
I can no longer bear to watch
When even your best friend shuts her eyes to hide you away
We wish it was only a dream.