Little Orchard

Written by: Sizo Hlophe

Stand there tall beautiful orchard
Your green 
shine to dilate my visions
I have seen you wilt at your worst
And I have seen you ride the tide to flourish

O flourish. Wet my tongue in season
And bank my life's residuals
I share you with the ones that rent a nest
The ones that mourn the day and fly the 

I will never know any more invisible hands
There are the ones that steal a gallon of 
There are birds that feeds on your fruits' 
Then the ground that hugs you in 

Little Orchard lay a busket on my doorsteps
For I had closely nurtured and nursed your 
Feed my spirit for in you I have self 
In you I am proud to watch and whine 
with the guests,
'beautiful orchard it is'.