Written by: Nino Beduya

If you're in exile then why do feel
so close giving advice across the cold
of cyberspace Through it I tell you
what is going on but I don't have 
to explain everything You infer the rest
on your own We share a common history
but maybe not a common fate You who shared
mom's womb with me for nine months
What were your dreams then and what if any
are your dreams now? Do you still hear
the voices of the place we used to call
our home? Do you still see our faces
when you close your eyes in your part
of the world? People ask if I know
what you're thinking right now
With words I fill the gap you fill
with your vast silence like yin & yang
or two sides of the same coin we toss
in a well From the same well we draw
the water our father would use 
for a hot cup of coffee at dawn