Corruption runs deep

Written by: Daragh Farahmand

Days seem so bright yet lie so dark,
the rich and poor,
we all leave a mark,
why the ones who cause war,
the ones who lust the greed,
the power,
Just let the poor feed,
those cowards,
hiding behind the curtains of the devil
you cant level.
Made hatred upon the middle east with propaganda and lies
but you might not know the truth, i despise.
They try to change their religion and take all their oil
but their telling all you people that their protecting their soil.
USA even took a part of their land
killing and forcing the innocent into poverty
making Israel,
dropping the rest on the sand,
this is robbery,
society lied to me.
I could go on and on
about the things i know
but that wont change this c'mon 
even the medias so low
there's a candidate who wants nothing but peace
no war,
all he wants to do is feed the poor,
hidden trough the media not allowed to speak,
now everyone thinks he is week.
The two party system,
both the same,
no wisdom,
and its a pain,
they wont let him be elected,
it will screw up their plans,
our nations being wrecked,
we need a new pair of hands,
this is only the beginning,
and its wrong to keep someone from learning something.
so lets get our freedom back because its gone,
and now the only way i can express whats true
is from writing this song.