Holiday Season

Written by: Stephen Parker

Autumn's weather so spiteful, drear
Arctic streams from north veer
To southern climes listlessly steer
Foreboding skies with gray clouds blear
Voracious winds solemnity doth jeer
Yet hearth's room filled with cheer
Holiday mirth around bend doth peer
Tidings of good will shadow all arrears
Pumpkins mellow in fields now clear
Dry, scaly leaves denuded lawns commandeer
But mistletoe's crimson tide appears
With colorful shade to cloak hearth's veneer
Melded into wreaths; dressing each tier
Interior furnishings gaily decorated; lighted with gaudy chandeliers
Every gleeful spirit becomes a clairvoyant sloganeer
Every joyful mouth sings the merry lines of itinerant sonneteer