Lost Little Bird

Written by: Skyler Dawn

Lost wandering little bird, 
Why don't you use your flight?
Come closer to me
Let me see your plight
Lost little bird
Spread your wings out wide
If you would only let me help you
You don't have to run and hide
Lost little bird
In circles you keep going
I want to help you little bird
But your painful spots you aren't showing
Lost little bird
It's been weeks that you've lived with the sting
You've lost your appetite for food
And all your desire to sing
You wander as a drifter 
On the dangerous bottom ground
Don't you know this is where predators lurk?
You must be careful not to make a sound
There are cats and dogs and hunters
Surrounding all these woods below
If you'd only listen to me
I'd keep you safe from their blow
Lost little bird
Please don't be so frightened
If you come to me I'll mend you
Then again you can be heightened
Lost little bird
Trust in me to be kind
I'll treat you gently in a safe place
Where not another soul you'll find
Lost little bird
The cat's know you're here
They can smell your scent
And they can sense your fear
It's now or never little bird
It's your choice to make
Come with me to safety
Or suffer your own mistake
Little bird I will rescue you
I'll snatch you in my arms
I'll run with you close to my heart
Plunging you out of harm
In me your faith will grow to trust
And it will reach into your heart
You will understand my kindness now
And you will not want to part
You will look to me as your rescuer
Understanding I care for you
You will feel comfort in my arms
Knowing that I am here for you