when We Hallucinate our known fear

Written by: kelechi Emeaba

When we hallucinate our known 
In the act of offsetting the 
spiritless stouthearted 
whereafter, forworning ownself 
out of sacrament, 
Much less to these rangers; from 
rescission, Is risked to be 
answerably clear of the 
on our ragout heads, Wouldn't  
that of yours beg the question 
read, In a beige gloom gown, 
the snag is the unbeknownst 
By its saracenic harem wast nigh 
of the alopecia, as trying tardy in 
some doubtful ways, Men left 
out in its tincture realms, spun in 
the air like a coin to come to face 
the face,Grappling with, It is 
hoped, Kinglet soupcon enlace, 
Estranged from what has 
besought men engendered.