blessed among men but not among beast

Written by: Jesse Kaler

i am joyous, blissful, and free
free to choose to be me
let alone from the problems
at hand,
stuck on the land.
free as i am, 
i have no freedom 
as a bird, allowed 
to be above all sky.
free as i am 
i cannot breathe water
deep in the blue
i may be freed
freed from time,
and from where i am
i have no land,
i have no land,
i am just a man,
let alone from the 
tyrrany of time.
but having freedom
to travel the sky or sea
land maybe
it must be sublime
let alone to be free
to fly the air
or swim the sea
to run the land maybe
and have freedom
to see the sky
and the sea
but i still wonder
i know i am blessed 
among men 
what about beast?