The end and the beggining

Written by: Cat Way

The day the world ends we will all be in pain,
Some will be in shock, Some will stand in awe with their mouths
Open wide but no screams escaping
Others will be dead at the starting line.
Me and you will be safe in each others arms,
Staring into one anthor's eyes and
Losing ourselves and finding a place of peace before the end.

It will be a dark day
A cold day, the dew on the flowers will freeze and kill every  living thing with a bitterness.
The clouds will no longer be seen as fluffy lovely things they will be the warning sign of doom.
They will roll in like death on a mission, acid rain will fall and skin will be burned.
You will be able to smell the sickening stench of that flesh from miles, towns away.

People will panic and children will be lost,
Parents thinking they are saving them from a wicked end but they drown them, hurt them in vain.
You are not saving anyone!
You are making the last things they see sick and vile.
Mommy won’t let me breathe,
Daddy is hurting me.

We will not have to worry about this my love,
We will be safe and we will cross into the finish line like champions.
We will defeat hunger and others who try to walk our path,
We will be animals with the will to survive.
Animals willing to do anything to keep our lungs full.

The day will come
When our skin shivers and our nerves ache and we will know the day has come.
Minds already set and watches synchronized.
Bags packed and ready to go.
Ready to flee up to the mountains and live in rocky hill sides far away from the end of the world.
Have a perfect view of it on fire.
Every town, every house, material things people once thought they needed.
Every person who hated us, every person who we hated
We will watch them burn.
From our snowy peak we will be safe.
Safe, such a glorious word.
A glorious word very few can say.