Backpack Love

Written by: Cat Way

You wore your heart pinned on your backpack

no concern for nobody, not even yourself

You saw nothing but shapeless clouds and colored glass

mistakes lie behind you and before you

all over your path

you took whatever came

rotten, second hand things

looked for happiness in every wrong place

but then it came and found you it sits in front of you with open arms

palms to the sky

love pouring out of every seam

nothing but help and hope to be given

while your eyes begin to brighten

they are no longer a storm, a saddened sky they are a smiling childs

your chapped lips quiver and body shakes

for the fear that builds and thoughts drown your mind,

you won’t be hurt again

I promise

these clouds become our future

endless and full of wonder

put down your backpack and surrender your heart, stop running

I’m here to hold you and stand beside you, have your hand in mine

you will never be alone again, never even cold

not again on the wrong path for happiness

for it is no longer at the bottom of a bag or bottle

it tickles and cuddles with snorts and giggles

my smile, your smile

like small children in love

forever pinned together